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Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 Dubbed

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    In Dragon Ball Super Episode 74, I am The Great Saiyaman the hero of justice. Watch and download all Dragon Ball super episodes English Dubbed In HD Quality online. Watch db super Episodes Here.

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      • Chris Pentecost

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    • Majin Sky

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    • Big Time Spider

      Universe 3 had better fuse together to make a super mech…cause why not? I knew it!!!…> ITS A GUNDAMMMMM

    • Big Time Spider

      Gohan be like not gonna waste this time given to me…so let me YELL out loud. Bruh anime so stupid sometimes haha just fire man.

      • Cesar Flores Rogel

        He actually said kama kama haaaaa but the episode didn’t show that other part cause it was while no one was looking bruh